I've worked on some amazing shows over the years. Writing, directing, producing, editing and coordinating. I also teach natural magic and film the occasional Witch's Kitchen show.

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Show reel


Jesus Christ Superstar

This is the 2002 White Dove Production of Jesus Christ Superstar - a rather pagan and political version depicting hope and the destruction of it. This was the second three week season (the first was in 2000) to sell out audiences in Bangalow, Northern NSW, Australia. The visuals/sound is poor because back then quality equipment was not used and this was shot at the rear of the theatre with in built microphone. This is intended for use by the performers, the orchestra and/or the crew of that show only. Of no commercial value and may not be used as such.


I Rage Against This

Ly de Angeles, author of Witchcraft Theory and Practice, at Muses of Mystery, Melbourne. On the need to rewild our language. To refresh tired terminology and sever the leash of orthodoxy and Abrahmanic analogy. New release 2016, out now, Initiation, a Memoir

Camera Helen Nailon
Editor Ly de Angeles


The Redemption of Joe Frame

a Rushton/de Angeles production, The Redemption of Joe Frame opens up the mystical, shamanic possibilities associated with 'schizophrenia'. Winner of the Jury Prize for Byron All Shorts The Redemption of Joe Frame was also shown in Canada and Tahiti.

Producers Josh Rushton, Marion Rushton, Jake Rushton
Editors Marion Rushton, Josh Rushton
DoP Josh Rushton
Sound Ken Noughton
Writer/Director Ly de Angeles


Natural Magic and Tarot Masterclasses | 5

Instructor Ly de Angeles
Camera Helen Nailon




A dangerous innuendo, a place between the cracks of life and death and the concept of normal. Regret and understanding. We seek to understand a community under siege in paradise, lives shattered and hidden behind the tourist dollar.

Writer/Producer Ly de Angeles
Camera Michael Weatherhead, Nick Zammit, Mark Sbarrato, Lukas White
Sound Ken Noughton
Editor Ly de Angeles


Initiation | A Memoir

Book launch 24/11/16


The Redemption of Joe Frame

Official trailer.

    Paleo wild rabbit, hazelnut, chorizo and porcini cassoulet, Summer Solstice 2014


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